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Download - Aviators Hide The Tears (MP3s and PDF)

Parental warning: some explicit lyrics. You demanded aural greatness. You just got way more than you bargained for. 30 minutes of music ripped from the pages of Kris Straub's life, from the Slipcast theme, to victrola porn and other skits, to more new themes written for cartoonists like David Malki, PVP and Penny Arcade. Includes the two themes for Paint The Line 2!

Plus, your download includes a PDF booklet with selected lyrics and a new introduction by Will Hafner, Straub scholar emeritus from Harvard University. (When you purchase you will be sent a download link right away.)


  1. Victrola Porn Circa 1920
  2. Webcomics Remix
  3. The Man Made of Guns
  4. Expendable Kind of Love
  5. Bionic
  6. Comic-Con (I Have Loved You)
  7. PVP: The Series End Theme
  8. The Ballad of Paint The Line
  9. HAL's Other Breakdown
  10. Horror of Space
  11. Paint The Line 88
  12. Interweb P.I. (unrequited mix)
  13. Slipcast Intro Theme
  14. Commencement 1996
  15. Slitting Throats (remix)
  16. Paint The Line (harmonies only)

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