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Broodhollow Insignia Pin and Papers

The Society of the Skull and Shovels made its home in the little town of Broodhollow in the 1930s. Possibly earlier than the 1930s. How much earlier? No one we spoke with is even willing to acknowledge the Society exists.

Your invitation to this prestigious group awaits:

  • A 1.5" antiqued brass Skull and Shovels pin
  • A replica identification card, with the reverse featuring the phonetic version of the Skull and Shovels oath

If you get the Initiation Papers for $8 more, you'll receive

  • A misdelivered, abused mailing envelope, lost in the postal system for years, containing
  • A letter from the Society, detailing meeting instructions
  • Notes from a previous meeting, written on Hotel Umbra stationery
  • Scribblings from a former Society member, now sadly passed on (he ran a local antiques shop)

All papers are printed on heavy, durable cardstock and will last a very long time. (You, however, may not.)

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