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The Complete Starslip Collection

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The seven-year sci-fi epic is complete. Get all the Starslip books in one pack!
  • Starslip Crisis: Volume 1 features the beginning of it all. Vanderbeam, Cutter and Jinx pilot the interstellar museum Fuseli on a crash course... for comedy. Includes original design sketches of the characters.
  • Starslip Crisis: Volume 2 heats things up, with the introduction of the Jinxlets and confronting the space despot Katarakis! Includes a technical addendum on equipment and starslip technology.
  • Starslip Crisis: Volume 3 shuts it all down, as war with Earth's own future threatens to destroy the universe. And actually does. Includes background on the Crisis series and versions of Starslip that didn't make it!
  • Starslip: A Completely Accurate Portrayal of the Future (Volume 4) brings us to the present, with Vanderbeam in command of the flagship of the reformed fleet. But the past isn't done with him yet! Includes author's notes for each storyline.
  • Starslip: The Future Dies Tonight (Volume 5) -- the fifth book completes our crew's story. What is Vanderbeam's final fate? Cutter's? Mr. Jinx? The universe?! Author's notes for each storyline included, along with a four-panel epilogue: "Thirteen years later"
  • The Starslip CompanionGo in-depth with this companion volume full of character and story trivia, origins and influences, as well as the greatest moments -- and missteps -- from Starslip's seven-year run.

Plus (while supplies last):

  • 4" Fuseli embroidered service patch. A rendering of the crew patch worn at their shoulders. Features the Starcon Exploratory Service emblem, its proud motto, and the Fuseli's commission date.

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