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Chainsawsuit Greeting Cards

Give the gift that is actually just a card! 4.25 x 5.5" folded cards for almost every imaginable occasion -- versatile wording means you don't have to worry you got too many that say "President's Day" on them. 5 varieties:
  • Holiday/Christmas: Two Cops - "this year, you'll be having two christmases... [inside] in prison"
  • Friendship/Valentine's: Huntyr Chase - "you and i should chill sometime...[inside] if you are a girl maybe we could make out if not then just xbox"
  • Birthday: Cthulhu - "[inside] what a coincidence, i'm turning 50,000,000,000 too!"
  • General: Lazy Cat - "f*** mondays" (profanity is starred out just like that)
  • Party: Famous Chef - "not festive enough!!"
They're folded, so there's another drawing or phrase inside each and room to write your own personalization. 
Includes white envelopes, one per card.

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